Fractional General Counsel Representation

Once your company reaches a certain level of annual revenue, your company needs to have an attorney who understands your company and has developed a working
relationship with you and your employees. Here at the Law Office of PJ Putnam, P.C.,
we have devised a way for a company to reap all the benefits of having a dedicated
General Counsel, but at a much lower cost: fractional representation. Under our model, we will assign an experienced General Counsel to your company – that attorney will learn about your Company and help you grow while providing operational legal assistance.

And, we will efficiently manage all of your outside counsel needs.


Top Three Reasons to Have a Fractional General Counsel


1. Your Fractional General Counsel will know and understand your company, its
employees, and its executives – such great working relationship allows the
Fractional General Counsel to make personalized decisions in the fraction of the
time it would take another attorney to get up to speed.

2. Flat fee and sliding scale payment plans allow you to accurately develop a
budget for this important executive. This means: no more hourly rates!


3. Able to hire an experienced Fractional General Counsel for a fraction of the
professional’s cost – all without paying any additional costs (e.g., health care,
retirement, etc).

And, having a General Counsel, fractional or not, is an important step in growing your

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