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During the combined experience of more than 60 years as lawyers and business consultants, the attorneys of the Law Office of PJ Putnam, PC have developed and honed their skills when working with two special groups of businesses: the Startup Small Companies and the Mid-Level Companies through their process-driven Fractional General Counsel Representation.


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Startup Small Company Representation

We enjoy working with Startups and Small Companies! Your unique challenges energize us! Let us help you create, develop, and move your company forward. We can help you take your company off the drawing board and out of the kitchen or garage.

Top Three Reasons for a Startup Company to Hire a Lawyer:

1. The formation period of a company is important – while most things can be        done again, it is important to set your company on a good foundation.
2. While forming your company, our lawyers meet and learn more about it – this
    way, we can more efficiently answer your questions.
3. As your company grows, we can assist with all of your legal needs.

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