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Once your company is formed, filed, and established, the Law Office of PJ Putnam, P.C. will still be there to represent your growing company with all of its legal needs.

Executive Compensation Counseling and Representation

The Law Office of PJ Putnam, P.C. counsels and represents companies throughout the spectrum of hiring and maintaining executives. The process starts with a pre-need consultation, moves into a pre-hire discussion, and finally concludes with a written offer to the executive. Proper care and thought prior to extending a job offer are important to possibly avoiding issues during and after the hiring has concluded. 



Negotiations (whether internal or with 3rd parties) are a normal occurrence for companies. When you want a skilled negotiator to be on your side, look no further than the Law Office of PJ Putnam, P.C. Our experience negotiating for our clients ranges from low risk/cost negotiations to many hundreds of millions of dollars, bet-your-company negotiations. Let our skilled negotiators augment your team. 

Contract Analysis and Drafting

We will gladly review contracts that you have been given. We also draft contacts that match your needs. 

Non-Compete Counseling and Representation

The value of having a non-compete agreement ranges from being very important for specific industries to having no value because of the local laws. Let us help you protect your company by discussing the value and proper use of non-compete agreements within your specific industry.

Business Litigation

Litigation is another tool to protect your company. Theft of intellectual property, disagreements over partnership documents, distribution agreement issues, and torts are all possible reasons to consider litigation. At the Law Office of PJ Putnam, P.C., litigation is only one tool used to protect a company – with our representation, we will counsel you on all of your options before you choose which way to move forward.


Business Divorce & Asset Distribution

A common ending for many companies is a business divorce. We can help alleviate the pain by being a 3rd party who provides you with direct and timely counsel. Our goal is to provide counsel to the owners regarding next steps, distribute the assets (if needed), and allow the owners to move forward. A business break-up is not a stress-free time, but it is an important time to receive counsel from a trusted source. The Law Office of PJ Putnam, P.C. is your trusted source.


Mediation & Arbitration

Alternative dispute resolution is another tool in a company’s tool belt. The Law Office of PJ Putnam, P.C. has skilled lawyers who have spent years involved with mediations and arbitrations. In addition to mediation, we have arbitrated in the United States and have experience arbitrating in Europe and Asia. Before you sign a contract, let us draft your arbitration clauses to fulfill your contractual needs.


Local Counsel & Separate Counsel Services

The counties that make up the metroplex have complex and varied local rules. Let our experienced trial lawyers help navigate your firm through the various local rules. The lawyers at the Law Office of PJ Putnam, P.C. are willing to be your local counsel – either to provide experienced counsel or to assist you with your litigation needs. Additionally, there are times during a litigation where a party requires/needs separate counsel – let the experienced trial lawyers at the Law Office of PJ Putnam, P.C. be your go-to law firm for separate counsel services.

Registered Agent Services

Texas is a great place to start and run a business. It is a requirement under Texas law that each company registered to conduct business within the state of Texas must have a registered agent that resides within the boundaries of the state. The Law Office of PJ Putnam, P.C. often handles its clients' registered agent needs. Our clients decide the level of responsibility entrusted to our firm as its registered agent – let us help you with your registered agent needs as you conduct business in Texas!

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