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We are experienced entertainment lawyers. The attorneys of the Law Office of PJ Putnam, P.C. have worked with book and magazine authors and publishers, television, movie, theatre, internet productions, music, video games, and eSports.




From location and talent releases to distribution agreements to reserving your artistic rights to a multi-media production. We are your law firm.


Are you a writer, actor, musician, or videogame developer? If so, let our experienced lawyers review your contracts and agreements. Need an agreement or a contract, we are there for you! 

We are happy to represent you as your literary agent to publishers. 

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Are you good at computer games and would like to take your skills to the next level? Let us represent you and help manage your eSports profession.


Do you have a current eSports league or would you like to start one?

We can help you.

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We represent writers, actors, musicians, and videogame developers! Are you new to the industry or a long-time veteran - either way, we can represent you!  Let us represent you and your projects before book publishers, record labels, and movie production houses.

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