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As business owners who have both boot-strapped their businesses, as well as gone down the investment path for their other businesses, the lawyers of the Law Office of PJ Putnam, P.C. are uniquely experienced to help you create the business you want.


While the Law Office of PJ Putnam, P.C. offers the following services, our list of services here is not complete. If you have a question or a problem, please ask us. If we cannot directly help you, we will find someone who can.

Business Consultation

The Law Office of PJ Putnam, P.C. is interested in helping you create your company. PJ Putnam has worked more than twenty-three years as both a business consultant and lawyer to small-to-mid-size companies. Let us answer your questions regarding businesses, formation, and growing your company.


Start up Services & Entity Formation

When you start your company, entity selection is an important aspect. The Law Office of PJ Putnam, P.C. can work to create your company in a turn-key approach to your specifications. Or, for those people who want to form & file their own company, we can counsel you on the steps necessary to create your own company. 


Contracts & Leases

Contracts and leases are a large part of the activities that a business conducts “behind the scenes” while trying to earn money. The Law Office of PJ Putnam, P.C. has extensive experience in drafting contracts to our customer’s specifications – we have drafted contracts worth hundreds of dollars to hundreds of millions of dollars. Additionally, we draft and review all kinds of leases (from office leases to equipment leases). We are your go-to law firm to assist with all your contracts and leasing needs.


Copyrights & Trademarks

One of the most important assets of a company – and sometimes the most important asset – is its intellectual property portfolio. The Law Office of PJ Putnam, P.C. will help you identify those areas of your company that could use intellectual property protection in the form of copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets. We can develop an intellectual property registration plan. We can file your copyrights and trademarks using the most cost-effective level of filing that your company is entitled to receive. Additionally, should you desire patent coverage for your ideas, we can help direct you to outside law firms that can handle all of your company’s patent needs. In addition to intellectual property counseling and filing, an important role that the Law Office of PJ Putnam, P.C. fulfills is the management of your intellectual portfolio – let us manage your intellectual property portfolio. 


Business Break-up Consultation (Pre-break up and Post-Break up)

Discussing potential issues (including, but not limited to, decision-making, what happens when there is a dispute, etc) should take place during the business consultation and entity formation stage of a company’s formation. However, with willing participants, it is often too late to discuss how to handle issues when they arise. The Law Office of PJ Putnam, P.C. can help you address potential issues and how to handle them before they arise. We can help when problems do arise. We can help you overcome internal issues within your company. And, if it comes to it, we can help you close your company and distribute its assets. 

You don't have to go it alone!


Forestry & Land Law

The Law Office of PJ Putnam, P.C. can help you with all your forestry and land law issues. In two recent cases, we have helped a forest landowner receive proper payment from a logging company that took several extra loads of unmarked timber from his property. And, we have helped a landowner receive compensation from a survey company that trespassed on the landowner’s land and cut down timber. We can represent landowners across Texas. Let us help you maintain your property.

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From virtual products (e.g., digital movies, photos, music, and videogames) to physical products (including, durable medical equipment, spa equipment, and other non-medical goods), we can help you with your sales contracts, FDA clearances, intellectual property filings, and outside counsel management. And, should the unfortunate occur, we can represent you as a plaintiff or a defendant in products litigation.


Veteran Representation

The Law Office of PJ Putnam, P.C. is a Service-Disabled American Veteran-Owned company. As a rescue helicopter pilot, PJ Putnam flew many missions in Asia (including the Republic of the Philippines) and North America. After sustaining a broken neck in a crash, PJ received support and guidance from other military members. Now, it is his time to give back to the veteran community. As a lawyer, certified by the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs, PJ Putnam can represent you to help you receive the VA-benefits that you earned. 

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