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MY Why?

As the Founding Attorney of the Law Office of PJ Putnam, P.C., here is my “WHY?”

When I was a Special Operations Helicopter Instructor/Evaluator Pilot, I was involved in a crash that broke my neck.

My life immediately and drastically changed …

During my physical recovery, I completed my MBA, which I had started prior to the crash. While still recovering, I was involuntarily medically separated from the Air Force with a non-perfected cervical trauma.

I fought the involuntary medical separation to remain an officer in the Air Force. A local military tribunal upheld the Air Force Personnel Center’s decision to involuntarily separate me from the Air Force because I was a pilot who could no longer fly and because it was during the Post-Gulf War military draw-down when Congress mandated that the entire military permanently furlough thousands of officers.

I appealed the Military tribunal’s decisions all the way to the US Military’s Supreme Court and won. On remand, the same Military Tribunal that had previously ruled against my return to active duty upheld their earlier decision. I was involuntarily medically separated from the Air Force.


I was still physically recovering and mentally crushed. The Air Force had discarded me with a broken neck, and I was left with no ability to make a living.


It was at that time that I vowed to help others make a living – individually and through their companies.

To fulfill that vow, I started and graduated from law school with honors.

Almost twenty years later, I am still living that vow because I don’t want anyone to feel as helpless and rejected as I did when I lost everything in the blink of an eye.

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